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Independent Bookshop & Café

Chapter One Books, 23 Lever Street, M1 1BY
OPENING HOURS: Everyday 10am – 9pm

(last orders at 8pm)


Chapter One is an independent bookstore and café based in Manchester.

The store began out of a family’s love for great books, amazing cakes and good coffee. Meet your friends in our café or make new ones with our chatty regulars.


We offer coffees, teas & speciality drinks

(Additional charges for decaf, alternate milks, whipped cream, sprinkles or syrups)


Two shots of espresso with steamed milk foam, sprinkled with chocolate.

Two shots of espresso with steamed smooth milk


Two shots of espresso with
hot water

Flat White

Two shots of espresso with steamed smooth milk (like a small strong latte)


Two shots of espresso with chocolate to create a rich sweet coffee

Double Espresso
Two espresso shots in one single-serve
Macchiato Cafe

Two shots of espresso with steamed milk foam ontop in a small espresso glass


Two shots of espresso with steamed smooth milk filled in a small espresso glass


Coco Chai
Spiced Rooibos blend – exotic spices combine with South African rooibos to give a warming feeling – perfect in the heart of winter. Even better steamed through milk and one of Chapter One’s most popular drinks.
Naturally caffeine free.
Berry Hibiscus

A luscious blend of fruity berries and hibiscus petals. A great pick-me-up when you think you have had enough caffeine.

Blueberry Rooibos

Take time out with this delightful blend of blueberries and South African Rooibos. Caffeine-Free


A comforting cup of chamomile is commonly drunk before bedtime to aid a good nights sleep. However it gives a soothing mild herbal drink with honey notes at any point of the day. Caffeine-Free

Earl Grey
The scent is as exquisite as the taste. A black tea flavoured with bergamot fruit oil. When brewed has delicate floral flavour and can be enjoyed with or without milk. (available as caffeine-free)
English Breakfast
Invigorate your day with this robust and flavoursome tea. A traditional blend of Assam and Ceylon black teas. (available as caffeine-free)
Green Tea
A very popular tea in China called Zhucha – meaning pearl tea. Green tea leaves are rolled into small pearls which keeps the leaves fresher for longer. A wonderfully smooth green tea with a hint of smokiness
This traditional Chinese speciality is created by infusing tender green tea leaves with fresh jasmine blossoms giving a delicate sweet flowery jasmine taste
Lemon Punch
Lemon flavoured herbal tisane – a classic refreshing infusion. Caffeine-free
Organic Ginger & Orange
Organic ginger and orange pieces combine to form this delicious spicy and fruity gem.
Naturally caffeine free
Mint Tea
Chopped peppermint leaves – a classic and a refreshing infusion. Caffeine-free
Rose Congou
A beautiful florally scented classic Chinese tea. If the smell doesn’t win you over then the sweet, flowery flavour and full taste will. Try with milk
Tropical Green
Try quiet contemplation with this blend of refreshing Sencha green tea with tropical fruits and a hint of ginger
A bold mixture of black tea leaves and vanilla pieces. Great with desserts or a treat on its own
Wild Cherry
Beautifully decorated with dark red chunks of cherry, this Chinese-Ceylon black tea blend gives a robust fruity cherry drink


Manchester Fog
Earl grey tea, vanilla and steamed coconut milk topped with chocolate powder
Chai Latte
A delicious take on a traditional chai tea. Made with nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper and reishi. Sweetened with raw coconut nectar
Dirty Chai Latte
Our regular chai latte with a shot of espresso for those needing a spicy buzz
Matcha Latte
Finely ground green tea leaves steamed through milk for a caffeine boost filled with antioxidants.
Hot Chocolate
An indulgent familiar taste that can be served with whipped cream. Also available as vegan with any of our non-dairy alternatives


Our chilled drinks section

Diet Coke
Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade
Fentiman’s Victorian Lemonade
San Pellegrino
Lipton Iced Tea (peach or lemon)
Bundaberg Root/Ginger beer


Our selection of cakes and brownies

GF Carrot Cake

A moist gluten free carrot cake made with pineapple, carrots & coconut, with a combination of mixed spices filled with cream cheese frosting and finished with nibbed hazelnuts

Banoffee pie

Pastry case filled with rich caramel, layered with banana slices and cream alternative then dusted with chocolate powder

Gluten Free Alabama Fudge

Dark, moist layers of chocolate sponge filled and covered with a delicious chocolate fudge. Already cut into 16 portions for ease of use and to minimise waste

Red Velvet

A pre-portioned red vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate, topped with a vanilla cream cheese icing and a sprinkling of the red sponge crumb

Angel Sparkle Cake

A Victorian sponge cake with a twist. Two layers of pink sponge with a soft yellow middle layer, all sandwiched together with buttercream and jam. Covered in natural coloured hundreds & thousands

Avocado and Courgette Cake

A round moist gluten & dairy free courgette and avocado flavour cake, filled and topped with sweet avocado flavour frosting and decorated with a sprinkling of pistachio nuts & cornflower petals

Just like Jaffa Cake

An orange sponge cake injected with orange curd and enrobed with chocolate flavour coating

Sticky Salted Caramel Cake

A real wow factor cake. layers of dark toffee sponge sandwiched together with a rich salted caramel buttercream, dripping in thick caramel sauce

Pecan Pie

A sweet shortcrust pastry case with a caramelised

Earl Grey and Lemon Drizzle

Zingy lemon cake with delicate, floral notes of Earl Grey to create the ultimate tea-time treat, drizzled with lemon curd and real violet flower petals

Sticky Salted Caramel Cake

A real wow factor cake. layers of dark toffee sponge sandwiched together with a rich salted caramel buttercream, dripping in thick caramel sauce


We can cater to fit your needs! We offer venue hire and reservations for large groups on our shop floor. From anything from baby showers, filming, birthdays, meetings and book launches we can help you with your event. Have something in mind? Please enquire by using the form below.



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